Year: 2015

The Carter Award For Outstanding Contribution To ARMA

The Carter Award is named in honour of Dr Ian Carter, in recognition of his dedicated and outstanding contribution to our Association during his seven years as Chair of our Board of Directors and his ongoing contribution to the broader profession of research management and administration. This Award celebrates the individual who has demonstrated an… Read more »


Effective collaboration amongst research support professionals is an integral part of successful research, be it cross-organisation or across sectors, nationally or internationally. This Award celebrates a project that has significantly benefited from a collaborative approach to research management and administration, identifying challenges, opportunities and resolutions and enhancing the ability of researchers to work across disciplinary,… Read more »

Public Engagement And Advocacy

Public engagement and advocacy is not something new for research organisations. There is a wealth of engagement activity already happening and this Award recognises an individual, team, project or institution that has developed and maintained innovative ways of connecting with the public and other interested parties, and communicating the activity and benefits of research. All… Read more »

Technology Innovation And Application

Irrespective of media, innovative use of technology can move a research support office forward in many areas, ranging from compliance, ethics or research review to contracts, data management or impact measurement. Showcasing innovation and application by using technology to promote, process or advance research management and administration, this Award recognises an individual or team that… Read more »

Outstanding Contribution To Research Management And Administration

This extraordinary Award is not automatically presented annually but on occasion when an individual whose contributions to research management and administration are of such significance and/or span a significant part of a career that special recognition is warranted. These talented and dedicated individuals have demonstrated an exceptional impact on the enhancement of the research support… Read more »


Impact is a dominant theme within the current UK research environment. It is a significant driver for informing the future direction, quality and success of organisations’ research portfolios. This Award celebrates a research manager or research management team that has invented, innovated or transformed the processes for supporting the translation of research into societal impact…. Read more »