FAQ & Contact

Want to know more about the ARMA Awards, nominations or do you just need a few queries answered? See our FAQs below for everything you need to know.

How do I make a nomination?

Please read our Entry Guidelines for more information. Simply download and complete the nomination form and email it to jo.edwards@arma.ac.uk to submit.

When do nominations open?

Nominations for the 2017 Awards will open on Tuesday 21 March 2017.

When will nominations close?

Nominations for the 2017 Awards will close at 12 noon 28 April 2017.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, you are allowed to nominate yourself.

Does the nominee have to be an ARMA member?

No, except for The Carter Award, for which the nominee must be a member.

Can I nominate a colleague from my institution?

Yes, please do.

Can I be nominated if I have served on the ARMA Board of Directors?

Yes, if your tenure on the Board ended more than two years ago.

Do I have to inform the nominee that I have put them forward?

No, this can be a surprise. If a nominee reaches the final stage they will be contacted by ARMA.

What does it cost to enter?

Nothing – entry is free. All finalists receive one free ticket for the Awards dinner.

What happens if I am nominated but cannot attend the Awards Ceremony?

If you are lucky enough to win, the announcement will be made and the prize will be sent to you.

Can I nominate for more than one category?

Yes, you may nominate for as many categories as you wish but you must complete a separate nomination for each category.

Can I make more than one nomination to a single category?

Yes. If potential entries are distinctive and unrelated you may make more than one nomination.

How are nominations judged?

Experienced, external panels of experts convene to choose each category winner.

I need more information…

Contact jo.edwards@arma.ac.uk with your questions.

The Ceremony

Our inaugural Awards evening was a celebration of the pioneering spirit which pervades our membership and is embodied through each of our shortlisted nominees.

Award categories

Our categories reflect the diversity of our profession and the depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and experience required to be an effective research support professional.