Research Management Team of the Year

Research management and administration comprises an increasingly diverse range of activities and requires a broad mix of talent, knowledge and skills in order to work well. This Award celebrates a research management team that has succeeded in combining the component parts of research management and administration into a robust, cohesive and effective unit, resulting in a significant positive impact on their organisation’s research enterprise, within or beyond the organisation.

In general, nominees will have demonstrated an exceptional positive contribution to their organisation’s research endeavour but specifically, the nominees will have demonstrated one or more of the following attributes:

  • Created and managed strong and sustainable relationships with partners and customers, inside and/or outside the organisation.
  • Implemented successful approaches to promoting positive and effective internal communications.
  • Devised effective methods for harmonising different aspects of research management.
  • Successfully integrated research management across central and/or departmental offices, responding to the unique circumstances of each environment.
  • Modernised or transformed processes for engaging with and responding to the requirements of the organisation’s leadership and/or academic community.
  • Highlight the use of successful practices for integration, harmonisation and/or communication.
  • Demonstrated a substantial positive impact on the success of the research organisation.
  • Responsiveness to the changing external landscape.

Judges will particularly look for approaches and techniques that can be replicated and therefore have potential wider benefits if adopted elsewhere.

The Ceremony

Our inaugural Awards evening was a celebration of the pioneering spirit which pervades our membership and is embodied through each of our shortlisted nominees.

Award categories

Our categories reflect the diversity of our profession and the depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and experience required to be an effective research support professional.