Collaboration in Research Management and Administration

Collaboration amongst research support professionals is an integral part of successful research, be it cross-organisation, pan-sector or across sectors, nationally or internationally. This Award celebrates a project or initiative that has significantly benefited from a collaborative approach to research management and administration, identifying challenges and opportunities and their resolution and enhancing the ability of researchers to work across disciplinary, organisational, sector or global boundaries.

In general, nominated collaborations will have demonstrably contributed to the respective organisations’ research enterprise. Specifically, the nominees will have demonstrated one or more of the following attributes:

  • Made a demonstrable contribution to the practice of research management through successful techniques or approaches in fostering and maintaining collaboration.
  • Devised, developed and/or implemented techniques and approaches for collaborating that can be readily replicated within other departments, faculties and/or research organisations.
  • Influenced the practice of research management directly or indirectly at the local, national or international level.
  • Facilitated enhanced quality, quantity or impact of research.
  • Enhanced the reputation and/or success of the partner organisations.

Where relevant, judges will look for effective collaboration between research support and other professional services, academics and/or project partners.  Judges will particularly look for techniques for stewarding relationships and fostering and maintaining collaborations that can be replicated and therefore have potential wider benefits if adopted elsewhere. They will also look for effective use of practices learned or adopted from sectors or professions outside research management.

The Ceremony

Our inaugural Awards evening was a celebration of the pioneering spirit which pervades our membership and is embodied through each of our shortlisted nominees.

Award categories

Our categories reflect the diversity of our profession and the depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and experience required to be an effective research support professional.