The Carter Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research Management and Administration

This Award is named in honour of Dr Ian Carter, in recognition of his dedicated and outstanding contribution to ARMA during his seven years as Chair of the Board of Directors and to his ongoing contribution to the broader profession of research management and administration. The Award recognises an individual whose contributions to research management and administration are of such significance and/or span a significant part of a career that special recognition is warranted.

In general, nominees will have demonstrated an exceptional impact on the enhancement of the research support environment at the local, national or international level. Specifically, the recipient will have demonstrated one or more of the following attributes:

  • Substantially enhanced the reputation of the profession.
  • Substantially enhanced the quality, standards and professionalism of research management and administration.
  • Made a demonstrable contribution to the practice of research management through publication, development of new procedures, contribution to professional development, or other leadership.
  • Committed to continuous improvement as shown by engagement in the ongoing development of research management best practices.
  • Achieved excellence in the profession beyond the scope of his/her primary professional role.
  • Substantially influenced the practice of research management at the local, regional, national or international level.

An “outstanding contribution” does not automatically equate to longevity in post or the profession.

The Ceremony

Our inaugural Awards evening was a celebration of the pioneering spirit which pervades our membership and is embodied through each of our shortlisted nominees.

Award categories

Our categories reflect the diversity of our profession and the depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and experience required to be an effective research support professional.